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Weekly Update -Monday 6th April

Dear parent,


We have made it to the first day of the Easter holidays! It has been a strange two weeks, when we have all tried to adjust and come to terms with life as it is at the minute but I’ve tried to see every day as another one closer to normality. I do hope that you are all doing well and that the upcoming Easter fortnight, as different as it will feel to a normal Easter, can bring a bit of a change in routine as your focus shifts away from home schooling to other things.



As I have said all along, it is important that we all continue to set ourselves realistic expectations with regard to home schooling – what you will do at home can never replicate the school experience but just continue to do the best you can.

Don’t forget that after Easter, P1-P4 parents should go to the school website, then go to the relevant class pages for weekly timetable updates to guide your home schooling. P5-P7 children will work via Google Classroom – most children are now sorted with log in details. Please contact me if you have any difficulties with this. Helpful guides can be found at learning/

Most importantly, take the Easter break to do other things with a renewed focus on school work from Monday 20th April.




With our new lifestyles spent predominantly at home, it can be easy to get in to a rut where activity and fitness are concerned. It has been great to hear from some of our families about how they are keeping up with this side of things. Remember, government guidance is one form of exercise a day, so do take the opportunity to get the children (and adults) out for a walk or a cycle, in line with social distancing restrictions. 



In the last week it has been great to see so many photos of rainbows being sent in. Like I said last week, they really give me a lift at the start of the day and I hope they do the same for you. Keep them coming! Thanks to Jack (P7), Zara (P4), Fraser (P4), Mason (P2), Katie (P7), Noah (P5), Luke (P1) and Freja (P4) for sending their rainbows in. A particular well done to James Nicol (aged 371/2) and Christine Nicol (aged 361/2) for their lovely rainbows. They are such good boys and girls!

Keep those rainbows coming!



There’s a very good chance that over the next couple of weeks and beyond, you will hear the immortal words, ‘I’m bored’. I have heard of so many things that some of our families have been up to over the last couple of weeks and have included a few photos below. There are many websites out there with suggestions for things to do but the following link gives some really simple, doable ideas when the boredom hits! healthandbeauty/mother-and- baby/2020033187221/things-to-do-with-kids- at-home/

Here are a few images of what some of our Gilnahirk pupils have been up to in the last week when the boredom kicks in!



Katie, Noah and Luke have been busy making some beautiful painted rocks. Perhaps when you are out for your daily exercise, you could keep a keen eye out for them. They are meticulously painted and include some uplifting messages of love and support. Great stuff!


Libby Lasini has been busy getting in touch with her poetic side and has written a poem about her experiences of lockdown. These are indeed historic times we are living in and children recording their thoughts is such a valuable thing to do. Well done, Libby. Your poem is so well written, honest and full of emotion. Keep up the writing!

When I`m stuck inside

I like to read my books so wide.

Though I have to hide from my sisters

They`re just like annoying little blisters!

It`s very hard to understand

Why Covid-19 came to land.

So, I like to read my book

To get way from Mum’s worried look.

When I read, I forget reality

And focus on the story’s personality.

The characters are like my friends

Helping me through dramatic bends.

I`m glad we`re staying inside

From the virus we can safely hide.

Libby Lasini


Budding Steven Spielbergs...

Katie, Noah and Luke Thompson have been developing their movie making skills and have produced a Lego movie of the story of the Prodigal Son. Easter allows us all a bit of time to reflect and I suppose there's a bit of the prodigal in all of us. Thanks, Katie, Noah and Luke for your timely reminder of this brilliant story of love, regret, grace and forgiveness.



Scott (P4) and Cameron (P2) have been doing a bit of baking this past week. They made delicious looking rainbow cookies. I can almost taste them as I look at them on my computer screen. Can’t wait for the day when we’re all back in school and I can actually get to eat these lovely creations!



Testing times can often bring out the best in people and it was great to hear about Katie (P7) who recently helped her mum do an Asda shop for the Dundonald foodbank using money that was raised locally. Well done, Katie – that is a beautiful thing that you have done and remember, ‘no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted’.



An urgent need has arisen at the Mater Hospital in Belfast requiring any old baby monitors/listening devices to be donated. This will assist in communication between staff at the ICU ward caring for patients with Coronavirus. The hospital would greatly appreciate your help in this regard, so if you have any old baby monitors or listening devices lying around, you can donate them via school. Simply bring them up to school when you are out on your daily exercise and place them in the box at the front entrance. Your help will be very much appreciated by our brilliant NHS staff at the Mater.



Hello again everyone. I hope you are all doing well and doing everything that mum or dad are asking you to do. Be kind to mum and dad – they are trying their very best and just want you to be happy! Today is the first day of what would normally be our Easter holidays. Obviously it will feel a bit different to normal Easter holidays but hopefully you can take a bit of time to do some other things over the next couple of weeks apart from school work. Easter is a time of new life, hope and new beginnings so, in the middle of these strange times we are in, let’s remember every day that passes is another day closer to normal life beginning again and who knows what new things will come from the times that we’ve been through. Take care everyone. We miss you all.

Don't forget if you would like to contribute anything to our weekly updates, you can send information and photos to

Kindest regards and warm wishes to you all.


D Corbett