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Corona Virus Update

Dear parent,

As I wrote in yesterday’s correspondence, I am keen to ensure that the lines of communication between parents and school are regular and transparent and so I am writing to you again with a couple of other updates and issues that have arisen in discussions and phone calls with parents today.



The most recent update provided this afternoon by the Department of Education through the Education Minister, Peter Weir, has reiterated that schools will most likely close but not yet. I understand that this causes so much uncertainty and that it leaves us all in a state of ‘limbo’ as we await what seems to be an inevitable decision to close schools. Please be assured again that we are having many discussions and making plans for what provision for the children’s education looks like in a protracted period of closure and this will be communicated to you in due course. Please see the next point for more detail.



You may remember that teachers took time last week to put together two weeks’ worth of emergency work in the event of a sudden closure similar to that in the Republic of Ireland. These packs are being finalised and will be sent home on Wednesday. Please do not commence with the pack until a closure has been confirmed. If your child is not in school on Wednesday, packs will be left in the front entrance hall in boxes for collection (labelled in separate year groups). Provision for a longer period of closure has already been discussed but it is difficult to form any concrete plans for this until we know what length of closure we are dealing with. As always, we will communicate this clearly to you as and when we are in a position to do so.



As part of our attempt to reduce unnecessary footfall through the school, the P6 Science Fairs due to be held on Wednesday and Thursday have regrettably been cancelled. We are currently thinking through how we can continue with Scientific Sue’s visit on Friday without bringing the children to the hall in large groups, so unless I inform you otherwise, please send £1 with your child on Friday to cover the cost as originally planned.



Miss McFarlane (P2) is currently off school with an infection unrelated to Coronavirus and is not self-isolating. She hopes to be back in school by Wednesday, all being well.



I want to once again express my gratitude to you as parents for your support and cooperation in these trying and difficult times. I do hope you feel reassured that we are trying to continue with life as normal in school and not get pulled in to the panic that we are witnessing in some quarters.