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A Few Bits and Pieces

Dear parent,

There will be no main update this week, but this is just a quick note to update you on a few things.




There will be no supervised learning for key worker children or vulnerable children during the week beginning Monday 15th February. This is the half term week that has been planned since the start of the school year 
There will be no online learning set during that week either. This is a chance for everyone to catch their breath and take a week away from home learning. 
Key worker provision will end at 12.15pm next Friday afternoon (12th Feb) as this was the originally planned finish time for half term
Online learning and key worker provision will resume on Monday 22nd February. 




Hopefully you've been able to do something a bit lighter today. Whatever you've been up to, please feel free to send any photos to include in our next update by midday on Friday 12th Feb. Also, a huge thank you to all who have donated to our appeal for Bandanas for the Brave. We have far exceeded our target. I will inform you of the final total in next week's update. Thank you again. 




As I often like to do, allow me to share some of the most recent experiences of home learning and life in the Corbett household, so that none of you feel that you are alone in your struggles! The last couple of weeks have been typified by later starts in the morning and earlier finishes in the afternoons. Motivation levels have been slipping as we approach half term and we have had the usual, let's call them 'disagreements', over screen time!! All we can do is keep going until half term and then take a much needed break from it all. 


Have a great weekend. 


D Corbett