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Minibeast Masks - dress up day

Wb 26th May - Butterflies

Scavenger Hunt
Butterfly Mask
Butterfly Idial
Butterfly Idial
Label Butterfly Body Parts
Life Cycle of a Butterfly
Life Cycle of a Butterfly
Life Cycle of a Butterfly
Life Cycle of a Butterfly
Deisgn a butterfly and send it for our competition

Wb 18th May - Earthworms

Minibeast Punctuation Passage
Invent A Minibeast
Minibeast Caroll Diagram
Caroll Diagram Pictures
Earthworm Fact Sheet
Earthworm Picture
Earthworm Body Parts Labelling
Create A Wormery Ideas
Flying Insects Riddles

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Magnificent Minibeasts Shop

Minibeast Shop Questions
Minibeast Shop Prices

Ladybird Mask

Label the Ladybird

Research the meaning of these words and label.

Lifecycle of a Ladybird

Lifecycle of a Ladybird Information Sheet
Lifecycle of a Ladybird With Labels
Lifecycle of a Ladybird Without Labels
Lifecycle of a Ladybird Pictures

Minibeast Hunt

Woodland Minibeast Hunt Key
Meadow Minibeasts Identification Sheet
Woodland Minibeasts Identification Sheet

What Am I? PowerPoint

Sorting Minibeasts

Sorting Minibeasts Info Grid
Sorting Minibeasts Empty Grid