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Lockdown photos from P2!

James as written about why he loved the topic of Pets so much!

Take a look at some of the things Calvin has been up to during lockdown!

Wheelbarrow race!

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Calvin’s assault course!

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Virtual sports day!

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Here’s Calvin doing the potato and spoon race!

Calvin’s topic review

Felix loved our topic on Dinosaurs!

Archie’s favourite topics from P2 were Dinosaurs and Under the Sea!

Fay’s fantastic topic review!

Alex’s favourite topic from P2!

Victoria’s dinosaur: a sausage dog dinosaur- sausage-sarus/ dog-a-saurus

Oh wow!! Hannah has been busy measuring different parts of a dinosaur!

Rebekah has been working SO hard at home!

James and his Jurassic Dino art!

Calvin has been working very hard at home!

Pasta dinosaurs P2B

Scarlett introduces Dippy!

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Ellen’s excellent pasta art

Alex and his amazing pasta art!

Look at Victoria’s pasta dino art!

Beth’s brilliant pasta art!

James found an amazing fossil!

Cara’s creative sentence using the letter ‘w’

Joshua's great practical measuring!

Ethan's super Venn diagram!

Drone footage of Lucy measuring her diplodocus! WOW!

Ethan's dino footprint!

Olivia's fabulous dinosaur measuring!

Archie inside his T-Rex footprint!

Victoria and Beth worked as a team to measure their dinosaur parts today!

Christina's amazing show and tell!

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Lexi's dino poster!

Christina's fantastic T Rex facts

Edward's scary poster!

Max and his marvellous masterpiece!

Niamh's super sentences

James' great poster!

Scarlett's brilliant dino presentation!

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Joshua's fantastic musical presentation!

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Lucy's velociraptor!

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Marnie's spinosaurus!

Matthew's dino poster!

Kelsie's triceratops!

Check out Ethan's T Rex poster!

Cameron's brilliant writing!

Rebekah’s Diplodocus poster!

James and his Brachiosaurus!

Archie’s amazing facts about a Spinosaurus

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Beth’s brilliant facts about a Maiasaurus!

Jacob’s facts about a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Calvin’s favourite dinosaur is a Spinosaurus!

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Calvin has created his own Jurassic World at home!

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Felix’s fantastic facts about a Therizinosaurus!

Wow, it’s clear Felix loves dinosaurs!

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Asher’s amazing artwork!

Check out Evie’s poster to learn all about Pteridactyls!

Fay’s facts about a T-Rex!

Victoria’s favourite dinosaur is a Brachiosaurus!

Here’s Cara to give us some interesting facts about a T-Rex!

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I wouldn’t want to meet one either, Cara!

Edward's dinosaur and volcano - WOW!

Jurassic James!

Marnie's beautiful rainbow

Lucy goes back in time to explore an old house!

Phonics challenge pictures: ow sound

Rebekah created a fabulous tent!

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Calvin's house built out of raw materials