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Edinburgh - Day Three

DAY 3 BEGINS....Everyone slept really well last night and we got a special welcome to Edinburgh Castle this morning:) Lovely day here in Edinburgh. 

Brilliant morning in the Castle and we are now waiting for the 1 o'clock gun....

Gilnahirk pupils make friends with the butterflies:)  Tarantulas, python, giant milliped and lots of brave GPS pupils!! Some more shots from the Castle:) We did it....handled our fears:)
The kids have just started their Edinburgh Ghost walk.....Lots of screaming and even some History....  Witches were identified, unruly pupils dealt with and fierce warriors were encountered......even hands were removed!! We had another brilliant night on the Ghost Walk......Scary...informative... and lots of fun and Mr. Wright was punished for lots of bad jokes in Edinburgh:) Day 3 was awesome!! Night Night