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Edinburgh - Day Four

DAY 4 begins... We have just visited the Panda in @EdinburghZoo and watched him munch his breakfast... He seemed to enjoy his as much as we all enjoyed ours this morning. Everyone slept really well and we are all very excited about our adventure here today and the Penguin Walk. Some quick group shots as we wait in the line for our Interactive Edinburgh Zoo; Discovering Animals Quiz. It's Quiz Time:) 

Just visited the Zebras and heading to the summit. It's official...the Edinburgh 2019 P7s have made it to the summit of @EdinburghZoo Great climb and a wonderful view! Lovely weather too. Some very strange creatures in Edinburgh Zoo today. An even scarier group:))

It's picnic time in the zoo:)) It's penguin walk time:)

Amazing views from the Queen's Road around Holyrood Park.... Heading to Ocean Terminal for some shopping and then the premiere of Aladdin. What a setting for tea...Handmade Burger at Ocean Terminal. Great food and lovely evening sunshine.It's Aladdin time:))

We loved Aladdin and visiting Ocean Terminal each night...Edinburgh 2019 is drawing to a close....Fantastic night...fantastic week!! Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Night night